Why Buy A Harley-Davidson: Top 8 Reasons

Buy A Harley-Davidson

Whether you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or not, it’s highly likely that you’ve heard the name Harley-Davidson tossed around. In pop culture today, the term ‘Harley’ is practically synonymous with that of a reliable and legacy-filled motorcycle company.

For more than 115 years, Harley-Davidson has dominated the motorcycle world. From their fantastic design to their state-of-the-art engine, there’s a lot to unpack about these amazing motorcycles. But why exactly do people gravitate towards this brand so much, you ask? Maybe you’ve been doing some researching to decide whether these motorcycles are right for you, or maybe you’re wondering why they’ve been a mainstay for over a century. Either way, you’ve landed on the right article!

We’re here to tell you why Harley-Davidson is the top motorcycle brand and why you should purchase a bike of your own. Here are our top eight reasons why you should buy a Harley-Davidson:

1. Different Styles & Sizes

It’s no secret: there is not only one model of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. If you’re looking for a basic cruiser that’s ready to hit the urban scene, check out the Street motorcycles! Or if you’re looking for an option with all of the comforts to keep you feeling good during an extended road trip, the Touring models are a perfect option. Lastly for those who are wanting extra stability for their ride, the Trike motorcycle models are the best option for you.

Additionally, Harley-Davidson’s are known for being heavyweight motorcycles. While this may scare some new riders, heavyweight bikes can be a fantastic option for some riders. Riding a heavier bike will actually ensure that you will be able to have added stability especially when rounding corners.

2. Dependable Performance

If you invest in a motorcycle, while you’ll oftentimes want to buy a bike based on its looks, you’ll want to make sure to buy more-so off the engine specifications. After all, you’re spending a lot of money; having an unreliable engine, but a good looking bike doesn’t help you stay riding throughout the season.

Lucky for you, Harley Davidson takes care of that. Along with having some of the most dependable engines, their engine services are equally as impressive. If after many years of running your Harley-Davidson motorcycle you’re noticing that your engine is beginning to lose performance, you can easily ship it to one of their headquarters and they’ll be able to rebuild in order to regain performance.

Once they’ve rebuilt your engine, you can get it delivered right to your doorstep! These perks make Harley-Davidson one of the most appealing brands with one of the finest customer-friendly services.

3. Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Last Forever

Well, maybe not forever, but you get the point…

When it comes to buying motorcycles, there’s no way that you can replace them every few months. That means you want to buy from a brand that promises and continually delivers both performance and longevity.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are made to last. With their durable assembly matched with their revolutionary engines, these bikes are incredibly durable. Plus, most of their parts are easily replaceable; meaning that you can purchase new parts when they become damaged or well-worn instead of buying an entirely new bike.

4. Country-wide Service Support

We’ve all had that one moment where a dealer told you, ‘Sorry, the parts you need aren’t available here,’ and just shrugged as you stared at your wrecked motorcycle helplessly.

With Harley-Davidson, you won’t have to worry about unavailability or a lack of part production. Since there are plenty of Harley-Davidson service dealerships throughout the greater United States there is no reason to be stuck without the part you’re looking for.

5. Ease Of Maintenance

It isn’t exactly a shocker, but when it comes to maintaining motorcycles, it often feels like you’re selling your soul to keep them working for a longer time.

With a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, this weight of constant maintenance is lifted as they are very straightforward in the maintenance that is needed. If you have the correct parts, tools and a little bit of time, you will be able to keep your motorcycle bussing down the streets and not stuck in your garage trying to figure out the issue. Taking care of most things yourself will also help to keep your wallet from bleeding money every couple of months.

6. Many Different Accessories

Who doesn’t love to sport their bike with eye-catching accessories? For motorcycle lovers, their bike is something they invest greatly in and enjoy riding around during the beautiful riding season. Moreover, with the addition of new accessories and modifications, they can also improve performance and increase the longevity of various aspects of the bike.

7. Specific Motorcycle Riding Groups

Whenever you talk to a passionate Harley-Davidson fan, it may sound like they’re always hanging with their motorcycle friends on the weekends or going on long-distance rides. This happens largely because of the incredible community that has been built between Harley-Davidson riders.

When you buy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you’re now invited to join the community of riders in the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.). Here they host amazing events where you get to meet and talk with other people with the same interests, have access to exclusive benefits and gain friendships along the way. There’s no better way to enjoy your motorcycle than by riding it with a crew of other Harley-Davidson owners.

8. Undeniable History Of Harley-Davidson

As the cherry on top – when you purchase a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you’re entering into a long heritage of motorcycle building excellence. This motorcycle company dates back to 1903 when William S. Harley, alongside his childhood friend Arthur Davidson and his older brother, Walter Davidson, got together to fabricate five Harley-Davidson motorbikes. By 1905 three out of five were sold, and then the process began. The duo made 50 more the next year, and then the rest was history!

Buying A Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Whether you’re a current Harley-Davidson rider or you’re looking to buy a brand new motorcycle, it’s clear to see that Harley-Davidson is a high quality motorcycle brand and one which you can trust. If you’re currently located in the greater Elk River, MN area and looking to purchase your very own motorcycle, make sure to visit the Zylstra Harley-Davidson showroom to check out our new and used motorcycle options!

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